“I need do nothing,” is a quote from A Course in Miracles of which I am a student. “Believe it for just one instant, and you will accomplish more in that instant than if you spent a century in contemplation”.

NOW is the only moment there is. PERIOD! As we realize  we need do nothing, we step into a place of Divine awareness.

Too often, we find ourselves living in the past or chasing the future; thereby, missing the present moment. It is in the present moment where the gift of Being is experienced.

We are a society on the go, with lots of pressure to be more and do more. The thought of “I need to do nothing” can be foreign or awkward, yet it’s the only place peace can be found.

Today I pray, we breathe in the gift of the present moment and appreciate our Divine nature.

And so it is!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!