It’s not uncommon for us to have Birthday Blues.Birthday Blues -chocolate pieces & candle Why, because our birthdays are all about us! Sometimes, when those that are closest to us don’t realize that and fail to show up the way we “expect” them to, we can generate some resentment, causing Birthday Blues. Expectations are premeditated resentments.

There are several other reasons why we can experience Birthday Blues; like having lost a loved one, health issues, disappointments or a myriad of other reasons. Because our birthdays can be an emotional day, we tend to think about these things. It’s natural. It’s a day all about us.

I recently “celebrated” my birthday, well, maybe not all day. I woke up tired from being up late the night before (note to self, it’s never good not to be at the top of your game on an emotional day like your birthday). I began my day by witnessing a beautiful sunrise and was feeling grateful for the day,Birthday Blues, Attracting Abundance and then the Birthday Blues kicked in and my mind started thinking about things; like missing my sister who I was privileged to spend my birthday with two years ago, shortly before she passed away; and my son and his family being faraway in China and other challenges just started floating into my mind.

Then, I said to my mind, “whoa, this is not the road I want to be going down, on my birthday”. So I gave myself permission to feel what I was feeling, gave my heart the space to feel deeply about the people and relationships that I care about and cried. After which, I took six nice long breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth and uncorked. 

Uncorking is done by opening the palms of our hands and making a twisting motion in the middle and pulling it out like a cork. As I breathe, I let go of all thoughts that don’t serve happiness, because I believe that we are called to be happy, not a shallow happy, but a deep to the core of our being happiness.

Sometimes when we are tired or in a place of stress or not in an optimal emotional state, it can be challenging to remember tools that we have learned which help to keep us focused on thoughts and perceptions that support our Highest good. Luckily I have been working on the finishing touches on an eBook called ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE – Opening the Chanel of Happiness,” no accidents there. So who am I writing the book for, apparently ME! The best way to learn something is to share it or teach it. I will share it with you soon.

Sadness is a part of our human experience, the trick is to not go down the rabbit hole of unhappiness. We can feel our sadness, maybe even share our sadness and then let the sadness go. We are called to be joy filled, that is our heritage, remembering that can transform our sadness into appreciation and love. When I started thinking about how blessed I was to have the relationships and love of my family and friends, by heart began to fill with gratitude and love.

 I am reminded that happiness is a choice and we get to choose what and how we think.


LifeCoachDJ Until next time BE Radiant Radical Real