I have always wanted to jump out of an airplane and experience what it would feel like to fly. I was a part of an Adventure Club over 30 years ago and we chose that very thing, to jump out of an airplane. I found out I was pregnant and chose not to jump. So….. when I was in Italy this summer, my friend Antonia asked me if I wanted to parasail off a mountain. H.ll YES, was my answer.

Oh my, I don’t have a desire to jump out of an airplane anymore. This was so scary and so much fun all at the same time. I say that fear and love cannot exist in the same space. I watched them both come and go in moments at a time. Whenever Fear would enter, I would chase it away with Love. I so wanted to experience the feeling of flying.

This is such a critical time for us to chose Love over Fear. We can’t change Hate or Fear with more Hate or Fear, Love is truly the only answer.

More later!

love, blessings & fun,