Here we are in the middle of the year. Half the year is over or half the year is beginning, it’s all how we choose to look at it. We can look backward or we can look forward.

Do you remember what you set out to do this year? Did you want to feel better physically or mentally? Maybe you wanted to find a new job or do something different. Were you planning on doing more traveling or engage in more fun activities? How about the desire to connect with more people or deepen relationships? Do you think about these things?

I do! This life seems to be traveling extraordinarily fast and I want to make the very most of it. Sometimes I feel like I am on a runaway train and I can’t find the brakes to stop and soak up the experience and wonderment of the moment.

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about things that we have and haven’t done, looking back and looking forward.

Looking back can be a valuable tool for learning from past experiences as long as we don’t bring fear, pain or resentment into the present moment because the present moment is all there really is. The past is a memory of our perception of what happened. Two people can experience the exact same thing and have different perceptions and memories of what happened.

Looking forward can have value because it can open our imagination up to endless possibilities. Side note… bringing our past stories and limitations into this present moment can limit our potentiality for creating a life that we love.

What if…. we looked at this present moment from the perspective of seeing everything for the first time, just like a newborn, without labels or judgments. Remember the wonderment of seeing a bird for the first time or a plane or a giraffe?  How about the first time we saw fireworks, snowflakes or a sunset, can you remember feeling in awe? I was recently in awe at watching baby birds hatch right in front of my eyes. The look in their eyes and their reaction to their siblings was bird hatching - create a life that you love

How different could our experience be, if we spent some time in awe of this moment and our life? How could that change our next moment and the next?

If we want to experience something different, we have to do something different. If we want a different job, it’s important to think about what that would look like and what we really want, in order to create it. If we want to have more meaningful relationships, we have to have more meaningful honest conversations. We have to know what we want in order to recognize it when it shows up.

What if…. we saw the world as nothing less than a huge playground filled with wonderful opportunities and friends?

We are here to live a life of wonderment, love, and expansion.

This moment will never be here again, so enjoy the rest of 2017!!!

Fireworks - create a life that you love







blessings & love, 


Until Next Time,

Be RadiantRadicalReal.