Our life is a Reflection of our Thoughts.We are creative beings, always in the process of creating. We can’t help ourselves and we can’t turn it off. What we can do is choose what we are creating. Our life is being crafted with every single thought that we have. With this awareness, we can become more proactive about what we choose to think about. Our thoughts create our reality.

We can have outdated or false beliefs that get in the way of us Creating A Life That We Love. If we have been told our whole life that we aren’t smart, it can be challenging for us to think the thought that we are brilliant. Challenging yet not impossible. When we become aware of a self-defeating thought we can ask ourselves, where it came from and question its truth. We may not be very quick at math but we may be brilliant at negotiations. We can change our perception about anything. 

Because our life is a Reflection of our Thoughts, if we don’t like what we see, we can change it. If there is something in our lives and or relationships that we don’t like, instead of focusing our thoughts on what we don’t like about it, we can focus our thoughts on what we like about it and what we want it to look like and…. the creation begins. What we think about, we are creating, so if we keep thinking about something that we don’t like or want, we are perpetuating its existence. 

This idea may be new to you, it was to me. I never thought I had that much power in my own life. I just went along doing the best I could at the time. Now I realize not only the power we have in Creating A Life That We Love, but the accountability we have in the life that we are living.


We don’t have to get all wrapped up in the details of how we get “there,” we can just start feeling as if we have it. Isn’t it the feeling we are after anyway? Whether we want a fast car, better job or loving relationship, aren’t we looking for the feeling that we believe we will have once we get “it/there”? Aren’t we looking for the sense of freedom, success and most of all love in our lives? 

As we start looking at the small details of what we think we want, our vision begins to shift and change, becoming more defined in its creation. Sometimes we start out thinking that we want one thing only to find out, we want something else. Be careful about what you ask for……

Creating a life of peace, love and happiness begins with thoughts of peace, love, and happiness.


Be Radiant, Radical, Real - LifeCoachDJ