Sometimes it takes silence to hear the whispers of our Soul.

In this fast-paced, get it done, multi-tasking time it is easy for us to feel overwhelmed and even depressed.

Wanting to disappear for a while is not unusual, however, not everyone’s life is structured to take time off in solitude.

I recently unplugged and went to the beach for a few days. My brother’s recent passing reminded me just how short life is. I had this beach trip on my calendar for over five years and just kept moving it down. 2018 is almost half over, this is a year of doing. I wanted to get away and ask myself, “what is really important and how can I best serve?”

You may not be in a place that you can unplug for an extended period of time, but everyone can find the time to unplug for at least a few minutes and connect with your soul’s longings.

Here are five ways to take a quick timeout:

1. Shut off all media and communication devices, find a quiet place or use earplugs, close your eyes, empty your mind and breathe.

2. Laying down with eyes closed, tense the muscles of your toes and feet and then relax them, move up to your calf and do the same, working your way up……thighs, buttocks, abs, chest, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers clenching and releasing. Relax.

3. Take a quiet walk breathing in your surroundings with all of your senses.

4. Speak your feeling out loud to Spirit/Universe. Allow your feelings to surface.

5. Surrender of all the things that you can not control. Let GO and breathe in love and acceptance.

May Love have Its way with you,

Until next time BE radiant, radical, real.

p.s. After my time at the beach, I am doing something totally unexpected, stay tuned.