Venus the Planet of LOVE is currently lighting up the Western Texas sky with it’s glorious bright light.

Love is my very favorite subject and Venus is the planet of Love. Venus is also the hottest known planet in our solar system with *“temperatures that reach 870 degrees Fahrenheit more than hot enough to melt lead,” from Earth it looks like a bright star. When we love, there is a brightness in our eyes and a fire in our hearts.

This is a great time to ask ourselves WHAT DO WE LOVE. I mean REALLY LOVE. Take everybody out of the picture, take all the needs and shoulds out of the equation and just be with YOUR HEART AND SOUL, take a few breaths and ASK the question, what do I REALLY REALLY LOVE. You might want to look up at the bright light of Venus and ask your SOUL this question. And then be quiet and listen.The answer may surprise you.

While your in this space of giving your SOUL A VOICE, write down 30 things that you love. They don’t have to be big things, they could be things like: dancing in the rain, being close to the water, eating a popsicle on a hot day, sitting by the fire, playing games with friends, talking about things that matter, real hugs. After you have your list, you can make a commitment to do something you love every day for 30 days, what a wonderful habit to create. You will be CREATING A LIFE THAT YOU LOVE.

blessings & love,




*(for more on Venus check out: