Wouldn’t it be great if we got up everyday with our hearts filled with love and found ways to express that love all day long? Can you imagine how different our world be?

When we show love and kindness chemicals are released that help reduce stress and anxiety which in turn, reduces our blood pressure and strengthens our immune system.

The best place to start showing love and kindness is with ourselves by:

Leaving the past in the past.

Forgive ourselves and others.

Be complametary not critical of ourselves and others

Spend time with positive fun people.


Be active.

Have Fun!

Spend time in nature.

Be Grateful!

Be Vulnerable.

Have boundaries.

When we have self-love it is a whole lot easier to love others. With the mindfullness to love, positivity comes natural and we tend to look years younger.

We have unlimited love within us, sharing that love with others multiplies it. Give it a try, I bet you like it.

love & hugs,


Until next time BE Radiant, Radical & Real!