We all have a message to share. The greatest disservice to ourselves and the world is to keep that message inside.

Do you feel like there is more to you? Do you feel like there is a bigger game for you to play?

Maybe the idea of really being seen stirs your soul with excitement and trepidation all at the same time.

We each have a unique role to play in the tapestry of the Universe and when we don’t show up, we miss out and so does the rest of the world.

There is a shift in the consciousness of our planet, the deepest part of us is demanding to be heard.

We tend to hide from ourselves. We experience hurts and disappointments and stuff them away without any idea the extent of the underground root system that carries on without our awareness, affecting all aspects of our lives.

If you are willing to look at the root system that drives your thoughts and actions, you will become aware of the roots that take you closer to your Highest good and those that take you further from your Highest good.

If you are ready or even if you are not, this is the perfect time to leave your comfort zone and dive into the realm of unlimited possibilities.

Let me hold a safe space for you to journey into your Soul; go beyond outdated ideas and beliefs to a place of wonderment, joy, peace, freedom, and love.

I am a conduit for unveiling the truth of your Magnificent Brilliance.

You are a leader, a guide, and a coach to those around you, they are watching you! You are making an impact, whether you realize it or not.



Have you ever given yourself permission to ask your heart what you really want?

Although this may sound like a simple question, most of us weren’t taught to Limitlessly Dream. 

By the age of five, we created OUR truths and beliefs that we spend the rest of our lives finding proof for and therefore reinforcing. A truth becomes Our Truth when we believe it. Some of these so-called truths get in the way of us owning our Brilliance. 

If you are ready to unveil Your Magnificent Brilliance, join me on a journey exploring the endless possibilities that await.

Because change requires the space for manifestation, I work with clients that are willing to commit to at least 3 months or 6 coaching sessions. 

Are you ready to travel the path of uncharted territories?

Are you tired of mediocrity?

Are you ready to invest in your True Potential?

Have you ever wondered who you might be and what may be possible if you broke through the box of old beliefs, patterns, and truths? 

What if…… you could have a life more amazing than you have ever dreamed possible?

Isn’t Now a good time to be The Best Version of You?



For those wanting to immerse themselves in the Creation of A Life That Rocks, this might be for you. 

There is limited space available in this year long program that consists of:

2 one on one personal coaching calls with DJ per month

1 group retreat (excluding food & lodging)

Access to all online courses

Access to any group coaching calls

This program is for those that are on fire to be their Very Best Self!

If your Soul is saying Yes I AM……



For those that don’t mind sharing.

This is a twice a month group call with hot seat coaching. 

The topics can range from Relationships, Health, Business, Social Media, Image, Video Creation, to Spiritual Practices, depending on the group’s desires.

Invitation to a private FB group

If you are ready to play a bigger game……




We are all called to Coach! 

As the founder of Calling all Messengers and the creator of the ASK Proccess, I believe that we are all connected, we all have a message to share, the greatest disservice to ourselves and the world, is to keep that message inside.

We are all unique in our experiences, passions, and lessons that we have learned along the way. Sharing our gifts and talents with others feeds our Soul and the Universe.

This training is more than learning proficiencies and forms, this is an intimate training where you will receive hands on coaching.

Participants will: 

* Learn unique processes and techniques that can be used with any coaching focus.

* Discover your personal passion.

* Create an ideal client profile.

* Explore ways to connect with your ideal client

  • And much more!

If this appeals to you, let’s have a conversation.




This is the video age. If you want to connect to a larger audience, videos are the answer.

Having spent time in front of and behind the camera, I love serving clients in finding their unique style and authentic presence and how to most effectively reach their target audience.

If this sounds intriguing to you, let’s chat.


Before I worked with DJ, I was in and out of one-on-one counseling, couples counseling, family counseling. I knew something was missing in my life…that something was “me.”  DJ helped open my heart and my world to find myself.
DJ meets people where they are, without judgment. Her coaching, retreats, seminars, etc., are safe places to understand your root issues. I have learned to love “me” and all my imperfections.
Thank you, DJ for being my vessel to living my truths.
Margie Ambrose

DJ has given me the tools to achieve peace in my life through Spirit.

Nicole Smith

DJ taught me how to pull the chaos out of myself to a place where I could deal with it.

She gave me the knowledge of my truth.

Shane Srader

The retreat created the space for my heart to open up and reinvent …. reimagine my life. When your heart opens, everything looks brighter, everything is bigger, the possibilities are endless, there is nothing impossible. That’s how I feel right now and it’s a great way to feel. I want to live that way and I am choosing to take this training with me. Thank you DJ for this exploration of what my purpose is, what my heart wants and needs and what I can give to the world.

I now realize that I can create a life of my dreams without any limitations, it’s just a state of mind.

Kelly Ezell

DJ can “hold your feet to the fire” in the nicest way.

Sonora O.

In working with DJ I have come to realize that what people say and do is about them not me. I can choose to let my feelings be hurt or not.

I have gained self-confidence.

I have come to know my true self.

We have never had a conversation that was not beneficial. Every conversation has been beneficial even if I thought I had nothing to talk about. It’s crazy how we start talking about one thing and end up in a conversation about something that is so important to where I am at that moment.

She has not only been my coach and mentor for many years, she has become a great friend.

Gwen Hanson

Working with DJ as my life coach for about two years was a gift that I gave myself.  She has such a pure soul and the ability to help you intentionally reflect on your innermost thoughts, dreams, desires, and goals.  The work we did together not only helped me in my personal life but also at my corporate job.  She helped me work through some difficult and critical relationship issues from my past so that I could move forward with an open heart and mind, ready to explore new opportunities in my world.  I will be forever grateful for the time we spent together.

Amy Schornick

Working with DJ for the past several years has been nothing short of miraculously life-changing. When I first met her I thought that we were going to be working strictly on business but as time progresses she has help me with every area of my life, my business, my relationships, my ministry and my Spiritual knowing. I can’t think of anyone who is more devoted, more clear spiritually and more grounded fundamentally in what it is to be who you are. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart every day.

Odell Stunkard