What If?

You Created A Life That You Loved.....

What Would It Look Like?

Where Would You Go?

What Would You Be Doing?

How Would You Feel?

Have you ever

wondered how

you got to be

where you are?

Do you have a sense

that there must be

MORE to life?

Do you feel like

others are in

charge of your


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We are never alone

We are never alone

As I was working on a project today, I took a time out to do a visualization and have a conversation with God. God has such an amazing sense of humor to me. So here I am, imagining climbing up a steep mountain and concentrating on not thinking about anything so that I...

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What can we do?

What can we do?

Last year I was in Italy, in fact I had planned to go back there in June, BUT that didn't happen. These times might seem challenging, It's also an opportunty to do something different. Maybe spending more time with yourself. Maybe thinking about what's important to...

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I have always wanted to jump out of an airplane and experience what it would feel like to fly. I was a part of an Adventure Club over 30 years ago and we chose that very thing, to jump out of an airplane. I found out I was pregnant and chose not to jump. So..... when...

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