What If?

You Created A Life That You Loved.....

What Would It Look Like?

Where Would You Go?

What Would You Be Doing?

How Would You Feel?

Have you ever

wondered how

you got to be

where you are?

Do you have a sense

that there must be

MORE to life?

Do you feel like

others are in

charge of your


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22222 energy!

22222 energy!

2-22-22 OH what an amazing day! 2 is my favorite number, so today I am going all out and intentionally having 2 x the fun. In numerology the number 2 is known as a powerful intuitive feminine force aiming to create balance and peace in all relationships. We are Divine...

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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

A Day of LOVE! I love Valentine’s Day, because it’s a day that we intentionally celebrate LOVE. I wonder what would happen if we put our Focus on Love everyday. The dictionary says love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” A quote from Albert Einstein “If one...

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Forgiveness Exercise

Forgiveness Exercise

Forgiveness is about us! It is our choice whether we hold on to pain, anger and resentment or not. Forgiveness is not saying that someones behavior was ok. Forgiveness is FREEING ourselves of what someone else did. Those who mistreat others are broken, they most...

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