I love to watch a storm come in. I love watching the drastic change from light to dark, from warm to cool and from dry to wet.

Change is always happening.

Nothing ever stays the same.

I remember a time in my life when I thought that everything was going so great that I wanted everything just stay the same. Of course it didn’t, and if it would have, I probably would have been bored.

With the realization that change is inevitable, I have come to embrace it, even when it is challenging.

It is human nature to cling to what we like and what feels comfortable. It is also human nature to have an aversion to change, to doing something different or to step into the unknown.

We have all had storms just show up in our lives invoking sudden unasked change to our lives. The storm may be an illness, an injury, a loss of a loved one or a relationship.

As I am writing this, I realize that I have actually asked for storms to come into my life. Once was over twenty years ago when I went through a training that I prayed to be someone different. I was so tired of feeling the way that I felt that I was willing to do just about anything to get to the other side of the storm. Even though the other side was terrifyingly unknown territory, I believed it had to better than where I was.

Through the storm I let go of outdated beliefs and thinking, victimhood and resentment. On the other side of the storm I found peace, forgiveness and abundant love. I also found my calling. I am on a mission that everyone feels the love that resides inside them. No one can give it to us and no one can take it away.

Today, I encourage you and myself to look for blessings and the beauty of the moment, whether it be before the storm, in the mist of the storm or on the other side of the storm.

Love is always within us to be awakened in each moment and expanded.

Until next time,

be Radiant, Radical Real YOU!