Forgiveness is about us!

It is our choice whether we hold on to pain, anger and resentment or not.

Forgiveness is not saying that someones behavior was ok.

Forgiveness is FREEING ourselves of what someone else did.

Those who mistreat others are broken, they most likely have been mistreated. Although this does not excuse the behavior, it can help with the letting go process.

They did what they did in the past. If we continue to carry the pain, anger and resentment into the present, that is on us.

If you are tired of carrying the burden of pain, anger and resentment, the exercise below will hopefully aid you in freeing your heart.

If you want to do more work around forgiveness, let me know.

Exercise in Forgiveness:

This exercise is like most things, the more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Find a place where you can be alone without any interruptions, including your phone.

Grab something to write with and on, a journal would be good.

Realize, you can not change what you do not acknowledge.

Commit to being honest with yourself and give your heart a voice.

Take your time with these questions and dig deep:

* How is holding on to “what someone else did” affecting your:

* daily life?

* work?

* relationships?

* heart?

  • How do you think you might feel if you stopped allowing “what someone else did” to effect all aspects of your life?

  • How would not carrying “what someone else did” effect your:

* daily life?

* work?

* relationships?

* heart?

1) Set the intention that you want to be FREE of carrying this burden of pain, anger and resentment.

2) Write in a journal the times that you have felt hurt, betrayed or abandoned.

3) Open your heart and allow the pain to flow.

4) You can always ask your Higher Power, whatever that means to you, for help. You don’t have to do this alone.

5) Imagine the pain flowing out of your heart and into the arms of your Higher Power, God, the Universe, Love, cleansing your heart.

6) Check again and make sure that there is no more pain, anger or resentment in your heart. Look closely. Why is it so hard to let go of this piece that’s left?

7) How has holding onto this pain, anger or resentment served you?

8) If you let it go, what will you have to do differently?

7) Are you ready to let it go?

8) Realize that you carry this pain, anger and/or resentment into every single relationship. You may think that you love someone, but you truly cannot love someone with your whole heart because a piece of it still belongs to the perpetrator who hurt you.

9) Now are you ready to let it go?

10) You can give it to your Higher Power, if that feels right.

11) Take 3 slow deep breaths searching the crevices of your heart gathering any and all leftover pain and allow it to flow out of your heart.

12) Take another very deep breath and feel your heart, notice how clean and light it feels. Breath that lightness in with appreciation for your effort, willingness and courage.

13) Now fill your heart up. What would you like to put into your clean heart? Don’t think about it, just feel it. What does your heart want to be filled with? Love? Compassion? Gratitude? Joy? Innocence? Wonderment? Curiosity?

14) What else?

15) Breathe in your FREE beautiful heart. Look around and notice how it feels. Make sure that it is totally full so that there is no room for negative thoughts or feelings. Breathe in its beauty and color. Notice how you feel.

16) Any time that you are upset or bothered by another persons behavior, remember this feeling of your beautiful loving heart. Although, no one can take our Happiness, we can give it to them. We have the Power to CHOOSE to keep our hearts full of Happy Loving feelings, or not.

I applaud your willing spirit and your courage to BE the very best YOU.

Until next time,

BE Radiant, Radical, Real YOU.

hugs & love,