When I was thinking about a name for this post, “HOW TO MOVE ON” seemed perfect. We rarely seem to grow when everything is going great. The times of growth seem to happen in the darkness, not in the light. We seem to grow when something ends and we have no choice, but to figure out “HOW TO MOVE ON.” We have many “defining moments” in our life. Some we may realize right away, others are hidden in our subconscious, all the while influencing our actions and feelings.
Growth happens in our darkest times - LifeCoachDJ

I was in my twenties, when my husband walked out on me. At first I thought I wanted to die, but I stuffed those feelings and chose to think that I was better off without him. However, I came to  realize that my self worth had really taken a beating. I was having  regular chest pains, until I got REAL with my subconscious feelings of “not feeling good enough and feeling abandoned.Create A Life That You Love Women's Retreat - May 5th - 7th - LifeCoachDJ

I was struggling with “HOW TO MOVE ON”, and decided to visit a  Catholic Church in search of comfort;
however, I left feeling even more abandoned
and ashamed that I couldn’t make my 
marriage work.

Needless to say, I was feeling like a victim and taking everything very personal.

 “HOW TO MOVE ON?” I realized I had to find my own path. When I was growing up, I had always had a relationship with God, but it was church oriented and somewhat superficial. This dark lonely time created the space for me to get on my knees and start a real intimate relationship with the God of LOVE, which turned my darkness into hope.

I knew in my heart of hearts that God loved me unconditionally!  It wasn’t about dogma or a Church, it was about LOVE. That realization sent me on a quest to “know” this LOVE more intimately. 

“HOW TO MOVE ON,” realize:

  • When one thing ends, another begins.
  • Nothing is personal.
  • Struggles are opportunities for growth.
  • We are never alone, there is a well spring of LOVE within us.
  • God is LOVE.
  • We are lovable.

blessings & love,