So many times after an event, celebration, holiday and even a loss, we can find ourselves with a feeling of “now what?” There is no easy answer. Just like the lights of fireworks, there are so many different directions that we can go in. 

A question that I always suggest that we ask ourselves is “what do I really want?”. Even though it may seem like such an easy question, it is typically layers deep. Some common answers are: a job, a better job, a relationship, a better relationship, a home, a better home, a child, a better child, to travel, to travel more………and the list goes on.

At the deepest level, what do we REALLY WANT….. peace, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of purpose.

The TRUTH is no one can give us peace, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of purpose. What we really want, we can only give ourselves. Peace, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of purpose are feelings that live within, they are based on our thoughts and emotions. 

Be Radiant, Radical, Real - LifeCoachDJ