This is a note that I wrote from my study and teachings of “A Course in Miracles.”

I love it, t’s short, to the point and profound.

“We are simply asked to shift focus and to take on a more gentle perception. That’s all God needs, just one sincere surrendered moment, when love matters more than anything, and we know that nothing else really matters at all. What He gives us in return for our openness to Him is an outpouring of His power from deep within us. We are given His power to share with the world, to heal all wounds, to awaken all hearts.”

I want these words tattooed on my mind and my heart so that every moment is a moment of surrendered openness and love.

If we want to eradicate anger, fear, hate and injustice, we have to start within. It starts with erasing the woes of our personal history, assuming responsibility for our thoughts, give up our self importance and stop self pity.

May today our hearts awaken to a deeper outpouring of Love.

May Love have Its way with you,

Until next time BE radiant, radical, real.