Won’t it be great when we have world PEACE?

Can you even imagine it, no guns, no crime, just peace.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our thoughts and actions came from a place of peace and love?

Peace is a practice.

Some practical ways to practice peace are:

*If we are upset with anyone or holding on to resentments, FORGIVE them. Forgiveness is for us, it frees us and opens our hearts. Forgiveness is not saying they were right. Forgiveness is about choosing not to hold on to negative feelings any longer. 

*Live in a state of GRATITUDE. Even when “stuff” happens, there is always the space for gratitude. We can choose to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have. It’s choosing to be grateful for maybe the simplest of things, like food, water and shelter.

*Practice HUMILITY, not feeling better than or more important than anyone else. Humility is about not having to “be right.” Humility may be apologizing for our part in conflict.

*Look for ways to show KINDNESS. A smile, kind word or kind action goes a long way in feeling connect with each other.

An easy way to remember this practice is – I FORGIVE YOU – I APOLOGIZE – THANK YOU – I LOVE YOU.

And we are off to creating world PEACE!!!