We cannot help others, if we are not taking care of ourselves. It’s just a fact, we can’t give to others, if we have nothing to give.

The Women’s Lib Movement was great in some respects, but in others; oh my, what where they thinking. Yes, women in the work place are great, because we tend to bring more love, care and compassion into the world than our male counterparts. However, when women went into the work place, they typically retained all their other responsibilities of child care and home care; leaving little time for self care.

This is a time for more communication, more self love and more compassion for one another. We need each other! We in essence are each other. It’s time for us to communicate from a win-win agenda; because when others win, we win. We are all connected.

Taking care of ourselves means, asking ourselves what is really going on right now? How do we feel? What do we need? Then being thoughtful about how we get our needs met. It is always imperative that we share our hearts from an “I feel” and “I want” perspective. It’s also important to be open to what the other person wants, needs and feels. Although this can be challenging, it presents an amazing opportunity for growth.

Today, I pray we listen to what our hearts are yearning for and take the steps necessary to achieve our hearts true desires.

And so it is!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!