The truth is, we are part of everything and everything is a part of us. Jesus talks about the kingdom of God is within. “A Course in Miracles” speaks about the fact that the kingdom cannot be found alone. We can find the kingdom within ourselves and mirrored in others. In other words, as we extend the love of God to others we feel it within ourselves.

As we see the essence of God in others, we experience a moment of unconditional love. As we unconditionally love someone and see their capacity for unconditional love, we are radically changing the consciousness of the world. We are BEING an extension of God. As we all come together in this realization, the kingdom of God is realized.

Today, I pray we see the love of God in our eyes and extend that love to everyone we encounter.

And so it is!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!