Do you feel a connection with turtles? If you do, you are not the only one. There is a lot of ancient mythologies surrounding the turtle. The turtle is one of the oldest reptiles. In Chinese and Native American mythologies, the turtle is considered a sacred part of the creation of the world.


An 1876 drawing of the world supported on the backs of four elephants, themselves resting on the back of a turtle.
Turtles are a wonderful example of not being in a hurry, it is like they understand the concept that time is just an illusion.
Turtles have amazing senses, underwater they sense vibration through their skin and shells.
The turtle is associated with longevity and the ability to move between two worlds, land and water.
The turtle can also teach us that home is where our heart is, as the turtle carries it’s home with him.
If the turtle shows up, as it is right now, we can ask ourselves these questions:
Am I moving too fast?
What am I not seeing or hearing?
Do I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders?
What am I missing?
Do I want to stick my head into my shell and hide?
The turtle reminds us that we have everything we need inside of us. We create our world and take it with us wherever we go.
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blessings & love,
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