We are never alone! This is at the core of all spiritual teachings. There are spiritual teachers and guides, just waiting for us to ASK for help.

God is always there for us. He gives freely, all we have to do is ASK.

“A Course In Miracles” says “Your passage through time and space is not random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time.” For those in a difficult or challenging place, this may seem harsh or untrue.

The truth is we don’t grow in the easy, we grow when we are challenged.

I went to church with a man that was stiff, hard and sometimes confrontational; yet when his beloved wife died, he shifted. He became humble, kind and sweet. He chose to grow. Conversely, I also know a mother that lost her son in an accident and every day she is sad, because she feels his loss.

When we lose someone that we love, we can honor their life or honor their death. Another mother I know lost her son to suicide, she has chosen to honor him by educating herself on family matters and communication. She now coaches families and couples on relationships.

We get to choose to grow from our experiences or feel victimized by our experiences.

dj-logo-bg_03It’s always a choice!



Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!