Who do you think you are? It is an interesting question, isn’t it?

As we look at our thoughts, we realize that we aren’t them, we are the looker. Have you ever tried not to think certain thoughts? Does it work, or does it cause you to think even more about the thoughts that you don’t want to think about? It’s like me asking you not to think of an elephant; what comes into your mind, an elephant?

If we woke up with amnesia and didn’t know who we were, who would we be? Would we have the same qualities? The same likes and dislikes? Would we have the same judgments and prejudices? Would we be the same person we were when we went to sleep? Interesting concept isn’t it?

Our idea of who we are is the culmination of all the input we have received from our family, friends, teachers, community and media. Some we judge as good, some we judge as bad.

Who we are is Divine Essence or Energy connected to everything and everybody. As we become more and more aware that we are not our thoughts, we can choose not to judge our thoughts or ourselves; and instead focus our attention on what we wish to create in our lives.

Today, I pray we live in the Divine moment of realized awareness that we have the power to make each moment magical.

And so it is!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!