Where there is death, there is also a new beginning.

Tuesday, March 20th was the Spring Equinox when Day and Night times are equal.

As Daylight increases new growth begins.

There is a shift in nature and in the stirring of our souls.

It’s a time for planting and fertilizing what we want for ourselves in our lives.

On March 9th my brother Mark passed on into a new beginning.

He left behind the worries of the day, the pain of his body and any and all resentments, frustrations and worries.

With this being a time of new beginnings a time of rebirth, what would you like to let go of?

What would you like to plant and fertilize in your life?

Sometimes we move through life as if we don’t have a choice.

We always have choices. I am not saying they are easy to make, yet they are there.

I created a FREE Effective Communication webinar over the Holidays that I would like to share again. Before the webinar, I had asked what relationship people struggled with the most and the #2 answer was siblings.

Loving someone isn’t about always agreeing with them or even liking their behavior, it’s about acceptance and compassion for one another. As we have acceptance and compassion for others we also gain it for ourselves.

There have been many times in my life that I have behaved in a nonloving, unflattering way; providing the platform for me to once again forgive myself and ask for forgiveness from others.

I hope you check out my FREE webinar “The Power of Effective Communication.”

blessings & love,

Until next time Be Radiant, Radical & Real.

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