Inner Peace shows up in our thoughts, words and actions.

I would love to say that I live in Inner Peace 100% of the time, but I don’t.

Even though I meditate daily and some days hourly, I still slip into thoughts and behaviors that are self defeating, something that I am not proud of.

An incident occurred recently in which I found myself being Reactive and taking something personal, although I have spent decades learning and teaching the opposite.

Thankfully I am aware of it and realize that NOBODY can take away my joy and how someone behaves, is about them and not about me. I can choose to give them my joy and my sense of worthiness, but they cannot take it from me.

Because I reacted in a non peaceful way, I “got” to apologize. Luckily, that was easy for me because I have had a lot of practice. When I first started apologizing for my part in situations where the other person had clearly not treated me with the dignity and respect that I deserve, it was as painful as eating a handful of dirt. Why, because I was hurting inside and I blamed them for my pain.

I now know that resentment, anger and unforgiving only hurts me.

Resentment is like drinking poison hoping the other person suffers.

Forgiveness is a vital component of Inner Peace, not just for others, but for ourselves.

We all play a unique and important role in the tapestry of the human consciousness, what we think not only affects us, it affects all of human consciousness.

When we harbor negativity towards anyone, that negativity comes with us where ever we go including into all of our relationships.

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Until next time BE Radiant, Radical & Real,

blessings & love,